RedHand Hospitality is a boutique hospitality-consulting firm providing efficient and cost effective consulting services to a wide range of clients in the hospitality industry. RedHand possesses a high level of expertise across the full spectrum of hospitality-related investments: hotels, resorts, conference centers, food and beverage service operations, golf courses, and public assembly facilities including arenas, convention centers and exhibition centers.

Best known among the services that RedHand provides are our services related to feasibility studies. A feasibility study will provide our clients with the discipline and insight to reassure them that their ideas are worthwhile pursuing. Furthermore, if clients require financing for their business, lending institutions and investors, typically require a feasibility study. The feasibility study evaluates the project’s potential for success.

RedHand’s work typically encompasses several critical elements – all designed to allow the client to assess feasibility and/or make strategic decisions regarding any given project:

  • Assessment of proposed or existing facilities and the likelihood that they will be able to appropriately service the needs of the market;
  • Recommendations related to altering the existing or proposed facilities to make them more market-responsive when necessary;
  • Assessment of the underlying economic strength of the area in which the existing or proposed facility will operate;
  • Analysis of the supply of existing and proposed facilities that comprise the competitive framework for the subject facility;
  • Detailed analysis of demand patterns relevant to the subject facility;
  • Projection of operating performance for the subject during a specified operating period - typically five years subsequent to opening;
  • Comprehensive and detailed financial projections through to the ”bottom line“ (as defined for each individual engagement).
Once complete, such a study can be used by RedHand’s clients – often with our assistance in terms of modeling – to determine whether or not a development is feasible given costs and investment parameters.

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